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$30 per month for weekly food scrap pickup. Your first month is only $1 + bin deposit.
After you fill out this form, you can sign up for one month of pickup to try out the service. Sound good?
After the first month, we'll make sure you're happy with the service. Then, we'll send an email to set up automatic billing. It works just like Netflix or Spotify. Cool?
There are no contracts or obligations. You can cancel service for the next month anytime before the 1st of that month. Make sense?
We need a bucket deposit ($10) to pay for a new bucket if yours breaks / if you lose it. This will be refunded within 30 days if you cancel service. But if you break it or lose it, we keep it. Okay? :)
We send awesome monthly emails. They're fun, they keep you updated, and they come with special offers.

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