How to Control Pests and Smell Around Your Compost Bin This Summer

Before the real Windsor summer finally hits us, we want to talk a little bit about smell

and pest control with your GreenerBin. Our summers can get pretty hot, so that means our food will be breaking down a little bit faster than it would in the wintertime. Just like your garbage would, it’s normal that things may be getting a little bit smellier. Even though the pickup service alleviates the majority of these problems, there’s only so much the bin can do! Thankfully, we’ve received some amazing tips from our staff and customers on how they manage their GreenerBin in the season’s peak heat.

1. They keep their GreenerBin outside

Keeping your GreenerBin outside immediately reduces the risk for flies and smell inside

the house. Many of our customers will find a dark and cool spot to store their bin for the

warm season, like in their shed or garage. Anywhere that’s covered is great, as long as the

bin isn’t placed in direct sunlight (as this will speed up the smell factor). Now, to keep the

flies and pest out of your outdoor bin, we recommend placing a weight (a stone or brick) on

top of the lid of the GreenerBin. This way it’s easier to open the lid, but those pests can’t get


2. They keep a small bin inside the home for daily use

The ideal companion to number one (leaving your bin outside) is to keep a small bin inside

the house for shorter periods of time, like meal preparation. While you chop up those veggies, you can throw the scraps into that bin and just empty the smaller container into your GreenerBin at the end of your meal (or at the end of the day if it doesn’t fill up quickly). This way, you’re only dealing with daily food waste and not keeping a week’s worth in your home. Another great alternative to a small bin is just to buy compostable bags to use in the kitchen, and then throw those into the GreenerBin when full.

3. They make sure not to miss their pickup day

We know how those summer months can get – school is out, the days start to blend into one

another, and we forget about our pickup days. Normally this isn’t a problem, we’ll always leave you a new and clean bin anyway. The only problem is that you’re stuck with a very full bin from the entire week (and now it’ll have an additional week to get nice and smelly). We’re working hard to provide the option for you to drop your bin off at the facility, but we’re just not there yet. For now, you’ll just have to set that alarm reminder for your pickup day!

4. They keep meat and dairy in a freezer bag

Meat, dairy, and fish products are going to leave a stronger and more unpleasant odor than

your fruits and veggies will. We suggest that our customers who have a high meat and dairy diet keep any of these food scraps in a paper bag in the freezer until the night before their pickup day. Then, empty that bag into your bin and leave it on your porch for us to pick up the next morning – no mess, no smell.

5. They sprinkle coffee grinds or baking soda in their bins

Even though we leave a fresh, clean bag every week for our customers, you may feel like

your bin needs a little odor maintenance throughout the week. Baking soda is known to stop acidity from building up, and coffee neutralizes lingering odors (and is even a natural pest

deterrent!) Using these two will ensure that you can open your bin at the end of the day and not have to worry about pests or smells. It also doesn’t hurt to have a little tea-tree, lemon, and vinegar mix to spray on the lid of your bin to keep the smell at bay.

Signing up for GreenerBins in the first place will ease so many of your compost smell and

pest worries. With sealed containers for homes, schools, and restaurants, our customers have noticed a significant decrease in fruit flies and rats that tend to get into home compost systems. Nobody with small children or pets wants to deal with those rodents! You can leave it to us to hang out with those furry friends.

Thanks for reading! Happy Summer from your friends at GreenerBins :)

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