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Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Hi everyone! Some of you may know me as Dane Fader, the always-singing, goofball extraordinaire. I’m extremely outgoing, I like to make jokes, and I’ve been told that I’m the human version of a golden retriever.

Others know me as Dane Fader, founder and CEO of GreenerBins Composting. Environmentalist and entrepreneur.

Some days I’m more of one than the other, and some days I’m both.

This blog is dedicated to the in-between, where I’ll be speaking about my struggles and triumphs as the owner of Greenerbins. Maybe I’ll throw in an environmental rant and education post on composting and other means to help the planet. And then some posts will just serve to help my customers and followers get to know me better. That’s where we’ll start: at the beginning, when GreenerBins was just one of my many big ideas.


For years, I was the guy with big dreams.

Sometimes, that’s all they felt like: ideas and aspirations for businesses that would never come to fruition. I don’t know if there was an exact moment that I thought up GreenerBins. The idea was always kind of there, hiding behind my musical theatre degree. Saving the planet was constantly at the back of my mind. I’d think to myself, “When I become a big actor, I’ll inspire others to do more for our environment”.

At some point, it became too important to be an afterthought. I wanted to be doing more work on the ground and not just inspiring others to help. I wanted to be doing it myself. The noise became so loud that all I could hear was: nothing else is this important, and you need to stop doing everything else. Anything else is a waste of time.

All I could see was deforestation after deforestation and bad environmental policies. I knew our planet couldn’t wait until I was some big actor, because what if that never happened? I needed to do something now. The Earth didn’t have time to wait for me to be ready.

GreenerBins was one of my many ideas, but also the one I thought would be the most successful. Composting has a big effect and it’s a really powerful way of making change (it’s also the easiest to start.) Are there other, potentially more powerful things to do for the environment? Probably. But they take a tremendous amount of capital to start. Composting is something I could do immediately, and it would have positive impact from the beginning. I could hop into my mom’s jeep, collect the waste, and bring it to a farm. The food waste would instantly be going from the landfill (which causes tremendous environmental damage) to something holistic and good instead, and be returned back to the people.

The idea came from living in both Toronto and Halifax, trying to figure out which big idea would stick. Little did I know, the idea was surrounding me. Both of these cities had municipal composting and moving back to Windsor was a harsh reality. I guess you could say, it all started with an apple core. The idea for GreenerBins came from not having a compost bin to throw my apple core into and knowing that it would end up in the landfill. Windsor is home, but Windsor also needs this type of program. Could I have piggybacked on the sustainability initiatives happening in Halifax? Of course. I could have found a little corner and amplified what was already happening. But my impact would be less, and I would just be fitting in rather than standing out and making a difference. In Windsor, there are less environmental initiatives happening. I can plant the sustainable seed and build from the ground up. This is where I found opportunity.

So, I’m still the guy with big dreams. But these dreams are so much more now – they’re

real. They’re GreenerBins.

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