Driving vs. Composting...Is It Worth It?

For this month’s blog, we’ll be answering a question that we get quite often here at GreenerBins. The question (and we’re paraphrasing here) is, “How much good is GreenerBins really doing if you’re driving all around Windsor-Essex County and burning fuel while picking up the food waste?”

It’s such a great question and we’re so happy to answer it for anyone who is curious. This means our customers are thinking GREENER!

GreenerBins was born with the intention to do better for our Earth (and our city) and we definitely took the driving portion into account in the early stages of business planning. We had the exact same concern. But good news, even with all the driving, the emission reductions of composting vastly outweigh the emissions of driving.

Stay with us while we crunch the numbers.

Greenhouse gases from human activities are the most significant driver of observed climate change, and of course there is the case of carbon dioxide (co2) being emitted into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels (gas from driving). But, did you know that every pound of food waste when landfilled emits the equivalent of 3.8 pounds of co2 into the atmosphere?

When composted, food waste only produces around 1 pound of co2 per pound of material, so we have a net benefit of 2.8 pounds of co2 emissions prevented for every pound of food waste we compost.

Factoring in our driving, every litre of fuel burned emits about 5 pounds of co2. We use about 150-160 litres per week across our fleet. This results in around 800 pounds of co2 emissions weekly. 

As of May 2019, we pick up over 1000 pounds of food waste per day (on average) resulting in 7000 x 2.8 = 19,600 pounds of co2 emissions prevented per week, minus 800 from gas equals a net benefit of 18,800 pounds (nearly 10 tons!!!!) of co2 emissions prevented...per week! And this number just keeps on growing with each new customer or business that signs up with GreenerBins!

Of course, we acknowledge the many other factors such as manufacturing, shipping our equipment and supplies, etc. may alter this number slightly, but on the whole we definitely have a net positive impact – and we have all of YOU to thank for that.

Thank you for asking us those important questions that help us to keep that GREENER mindset at the forefront of our business!

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