10 Things That Will Happen When You Start Using GreenerBins

Have you been wondering why you should start composting with GreenerBins, or what you’ll get when you sign up? Our current clients can tell you exactly why! Here are 10 bonuses that come with our pick-up service:

1. You won’t have to bring your garbage out as often.

Less garbage means fewer plastic bags used (and found in landfills/oceans), less money spent on these bags, and the added perk of not having to roll your bin right out to the curb. It just takes a simple pop on your front porch and you’re done! You won’t even have to get dressed.

2. You’ll become more conscious of the products you buy (and what packaging they come in)

You’ll start noticing how many of the fruits and veggies you’ve been buying are bundled with plastic (which is not compostable). You may even be inclined to change up your grocery list and BYOB – bring your own bag!

3. You may even become more eco-friendly in other aspects of your life!

Once you start, you won’t be able to stop the eco-ball from rolling. So many of our customers have transitioned into other zero waste items throughout their homes; whether that’s swapping for a bamboo tooth brush, carrying a reusable straw, all the way to using eco menstrual products like the Diva Cup.

4. Schools can actually get money back when they sign up.

Did you know that Greenerbins works with local schools in Windsor-Essex? And when any student or staff member signs up for the residential service, Greenerbins donates $5 a month back to their school…for EACH member! That number can really add up and help fund your school’s composting program. Bonus: you compost at home now too!

5. Your kids will be empowered to change the world

Many of our clients’ children (and the schools’ children) LOVE learning about why composting is important, and we love teaching them about it! The best part of the job is knowing that the future of our world is curious about environmental activism and are ready to take on the challenge. This program may even spark a dream or future career goal for them!

6. You may notice a few less rodents running around

Our bins are pest-proof, so rodents can’t get into your scraps, even when you leave your bin outside. Say goodbye to wild furry friends hanging out in your trash – if there’s no food in there, they’ll go somewhere else. Your pets will once again be safe to roam around the backyard this summer!

7. You will have something in common with your family & friends

There’s nothing like a common goal to bring people together. Your kids will grow curious, and it may spark a conversation between your staff members or friends. Nothing to do on a weekend or PA/PD day? Get the garden going and craft some composting-related activities for some all-ages educational fun!

8. You may start to wonder how your products are made, and how many of them are and aren’t compostable

It’s never too late to learn something new, and GreenerBins makes it easy for you. Right on top of your bin, you’ll find a list of items that can and can’t go into our compost. We even post educational facts on our social media accounts, so you never have to do the research work yourself.

9. You’ll start learning about what happens to food that ends up in the landfills

Did you know that each pound of food that ends up in the landfill emits about 3.8 Lbs. of CO2? Yikes! Plus, all of this food actually does go to waste. When you throw your scraps into a GreenerBin, it’s being repurposed! We’re breaking it down and it’s coming right back to grow more fresh food for you!

10. Last but not least (and the obvious one): you’ll feel amazing about what your contribution is doing for our earth

It seems like a simple step – composting in Windsor-Essex, but when we actually break it down and see the difference we’re making in our own community, it’s unbelievable! In just the 10 months that Greenerbins has been around, we’ve saved over 150,000 lbs. of waste from the landfills. That’s a huge number, and it just keeps growing! Feels good, doesn’t it?

To be a part of the Greener change – in Windsor and around the world, check out our site for more information on how to sign up, or how to get involved.

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