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Save on time. Forget the hassle.


Good for the Earth.


No more pests, mess, or bad smells.


Your (greener) garbage bin.

Step One
Every week, we give you a bucket for your food scraps.
Step Two
Next week, we pick it up and leave you a clean one.
Step Three
We give you compost back. Repeat.

BONUS: If you don't need your compost back, we'll donate it to a community garden that needs it.




40% of our garbage is compostable

Why We Exist


Garbage dumps full of compost release methane gas.
Methane heats the planet 21x faster than CO2. 
Earth doesn't like that. 
We don't, either.
We collect compost so things can grow again, instead of going to waste.

OUR SERVICES: Dropoff only during COVID-19

Farm Drop Off

Commercial Pickup

$10/month for farm dropoff.
Weekly pickup for $75/month + bin rental

Institutional Pickup

For big stuff... like schools!

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The Guy Behind the Curtain

Hey everyone! Dane Fader here, founder of GreenerBins. I'm a proud Windsorite and an Environmental Studies student at the University of Windsor. I'm super passionate about the environment, and wanted to create a business that helped people while reducing the effects of climate change. I'm so grateful for all of the support I've received, and I am SO EXCITED to bring this service to Windsor-Essex!



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Tuesday - Friday

8am - 6pm

Zero Contact Dropoff at our farmstand (eggs & veggies avail.)

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